The name Appogeum is a combination of two words: the English word “applications”, as we love creating them, and the Polish word “apogeum” whose one definition is – as in the case of the English equivalent “apogee” – the pinnacle of achievement. Cooperation with our company means receiving customized professional services, with our employees guiding and supporting you during the whole process, or taking upon themselves selected tasks, until the product is implemented and the project completed.

Should you find your ideas insufficient for the realization of your vision, we will suggest plans and designs based on state-of-the-art technology, new trends and interesting, intuitive solutions.

iOS Applications

We specialize in programming applications for iOS. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are tools we love to program for. We can boast of big and ever growing experience. Use our services to get:
✓ competitive prices
✓ fast development
✓ flexibility of services
✓ full professional service
✓ intuitive solutions
✓ one-year guarantee.
Contact us to create applications you dream about and we will take care of all the stages of realization: designing, programming, implementing, and publishing in App Store.

More about us

We are a fast developing IT company well experienced in designing, publishing and running websites. We also test and optimize the stability and usability of software. If you wish we can also service your databases and servers for you. We can create a port for your application and change the interface in accordance with user expectations and Human Interface Guidelines. In case you needed something more, we are always ready to embrace new challenges and widen our offer so as to suit your individual expectations.

Android, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry…

Each year there appear new and more technically advanced products on the market. The moment they become popular, these products set new standards. One and the same website for a web browser, a telephone, and a tablet PC is decidedly not enough. This is why we would like to create individual solutions for each platform so as to fully utilize the possibilities they offer. Such customized approach – especially as regards distinct interfaces (touch, multi-touch, a stylus, or a keyboard and a mouse) – allows us to develop perfectly adapted products and avoid unnecessary compromises.
Moreover, having a product in App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, or Marketplace for Mobile will not only add prestige to your company, but also attract new clients who appreciate easy and intuitive access to information, directly from their mobile phones.