Circles is a mobile game for iOS and Android which puts your memory to the limits.

In the first stage there is only one circle on screen of your device, just tap it. Next stage creates additional circle, your objective is to identify it, and tap it – the one that wasn’t there before, the newborn circle. Every next stage introduces more and more circles, yet your objective remains unchanged – identify and tap the new one.

Sounds easy? Check it for free. The developer’s best score is 36. Can you beat it?

There are 2 modes in the game.

You can play a circle-chromatic mode – all circles are of the same color. You can only identify circles by their location and size. This is the most challenging gameplay, but most rewarding one.

The colorful mode renders circles in bold colors. So in addition to size and position of circles, colors help you to track them.

My company – Appogeum for the last 10 years specialized in mobile apps of various kind, including few entertainment apps. Now the shift is towards mobile games, and mobile games only. With Circles I don’t have much expectations. I treat it as an excellent learning curve, getting used to new tools – Unity 3D, new programming language – C#, 3D environment and many concepts of game dev. It’s better to start and accomplish something simple, and slowly move towards some more complex projects. I’m looking forward to finishing development of my next games.